A new breed of DOOH advertising.

Connecting brands with GEN Z communities.

The Market.

The fastest growing advertising network in PBSA.

Over 50% of the student accommodation market is now operated by PBSA (purpose built student accommodation) making it one of the fastest growing real estate sectors in the UK.

With exclusive partnerships with 9 out of the top 10 PBSA companies, we have one of the most exciting OOH advertising networks on the market today.

The Estate.

150+ screens in hard to reach premium student communities.

Our growing estate has national coverage with a presence in the top 10 major student cities throughout the UK.

  • Unique GEN Z opportunity.
  • Quantifiable engagement.
  • Captive audience with our 24/7 highly engaged solution.

National coverage.

UK Map

Coming soon.

104 new screens launching
in Q1 2024.

The Environment.

Luxury living in busy social spaces.

Our screens are in premium, high footfall, long dwell time environments where students eat, sleep, study and play 24/7, enabling brands to reach GEN Z in the place they call home.

  • Premium accommodation hubs.
  • Social and entertainment space.
  • GEN Z community investing in lifestyle experience.
  • Eat, sleep, study, play leads to long dwell times.
  • High footfall environments drive audience impacts.
The Demographic.

Wealthy GEN Z audience with a high disposable income.

Student communities who invest in their lifestyle and quality living.

6.2 million

  • 72% GEN Z.
  • 55% female.
  • Buy impulse for pleasure.
  • Peer influence drives brand loyalty.
The Format.

Engaging and unique platform.

Our sister company Mother, is the market-leading smart vending machine provider in the UK. Born in 2014, their pioneering approach to vending has changed the way brands and businesses connect with their communities, offering an immersive, innovative, and modern retail experience across the UK and beyond. When these unbranded machines are not in use, they become premium video enabled digital HD screens, offering the perfect landscape for brands to advertise on.

Benefits of our media platform.

Our cloud-based software platform enables us to manage, schedule and instantly sync adverts to individual machines, so we can tailor campaigns to whatever audience or sector a client needs.

  • Highly engaged audience with millions of transactions annually.
  • Screens are placed in prime locations with maximum visibility.
  • 24/7 service increases impact and reach.
  • Enables brands to seamlessly advertise in busy social environments.
  • Innovative and interactive experience that young tech native consumers crave.
  • Increased dwell time.
Our clients.

Some of the brands using our platform.

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“The Other Guys offers a unique and innovative platform to engage with valuable audiences across destination environments. They've been great to work with and have gone above and beyond to deliver when we have worked with them.”

Melanie Constant,
Account Director, Rapport.

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